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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Miracle For Job

Job in Haiti

While in Haiti, I met a wonderful little boy named Job. Although he is very small and weighs only 36 pounds, his dental records say that he is somewhere around 11 years old. This boy was born with a rare and unforunate disease; an allergy to the sun. Unfortunately, life in Haiti does not accomodate for this sort of misfortune as most Haitians do not have sufficient shelter and spend a majority of the year in over 90 degree weather. On top of his sickness, Job also contracted a harsh staph infection in his eye, eventually causing the loss of the eye and many painful surgeries and procedures.

The pain that Job had to endure in Haiti was almost unbearable to watch as you could hear him weeping throughout the night, crying out for some kind of relief. While the doctors in Haiti did everything they could, they just didn't have the tools necessary to give Job the treatment he needed. After weeks of pain, he was finally given the opportunity of a lifetime! Dell Children's Hospital offered to fly Job to Austin, give him the medical treatment he needed and help save his life.

Job in Austin

Throughout my time in Haiti, I never saw Job smile. When I visited him today, he lept from his bed, greeting me with a hug, a fist pound and the biggest smile I had ever seen. With his infection under control and his nutrition steadily improving, Job was literally dancing for joy when I saw him today. Job's story is nothing short of miraculous. This little boy who would have suffered through a short and painful life in Haiti without proper medical attention is not spreading his contagious laugh throughout the entire hospital and thriving in his new situation. Thank you everyone at Dell Children's Hospital!!!

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