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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Mission of Hope in Haiti

Mission of Hope has been in Haiti since 1988. It is a 100-acre compound just a few miles down the road from where a mass grave was dug for over 40,000 Haitians who lost their lives during the earthquake. On the compound there is an orphanage, school, medical clinic, nutritional/health aid, church, etc. Before the earthquake, the Mission of Hope fed almost 40,000 people daily... after the earthquake, those numbers leaped to 400,000 and are steadily at around 100,000 still today. Every morning, Haitians from the surrounding villages rush into the gates of the Mission of Hope to receive free treatment for fatal illnesses and injuries that occured during the earthquake (2 months after the fact, some people are just now arriving to get help).

Around 1,200 children come from the villages to attend the school at the Mission of Hope.... These kids are sponsored by Americans who give them an opportunity to receive free schooling, a nutritious lunch and a stable background. Approximately 50 children live in the Hope House orphanage on site and also receive the same schooling. The orphanage suffered a lot of damage during the earthquake, causing the boy's side of the building to becoming unliveable, forcing them to move into the school for the time being.

To learn more about the Mission of Hope organization, what they are doing to bring help to this nation, and how to sponsor a child, please visit their website.

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