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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Precious little Angelie

Over a week ago, a man came into the clinic with his very sick infant daughter. He never gave her name, but it was obvious from the beginning that she was very sick and malnourished, not even able to lift her head or move her legs. While waiting to be seen, the father handed his daughter off, saying he needed to use the restroom, and never came back.

From that point on, this precious little girl has been living at the Ward, constantly watched by the mommies at the orphanage and different nurses. She was given the name Angelie and is getting stronger everyday. Now eating rice and beans, she can move her feet and suck her thumb. While it would be ideal for Angelie to spend time at the Hope House with the other children, she is not yet strong enough to survive without constant care. I had never before held a baby that wasn't strong enough to move on its own or even open its eyes for more than a few seconds.

Please pray for Angelie as the Mission of Hope is trying to decide the best situation for her. While it would be possible for her to become a Hope House kid, certain papers are needed and without the family present, there is no telling how long that process could take. Angelie is a beautiful little girl and it breaks my heart that anyone could leave their child behind, especially her. But I am confident that she will receive better care and will be able to thrive more here than she would living in poverty. This is truly a blessing in disguise.

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  1. Dear Lil Betherd Bear,

    You are providing a much-needed service to the people of Haiti. We are so proud of our first Grandchild. Thank you so much for taking time to share your experiences with this Blog.
    Grandma and Grampot