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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Wonderful Week

This week was a wonderful, crazy, hectic success. Without Rachel here, I have been left in the fast lane, submersed in a language I can't quite understand yet. Starting on Monday, I had five English classes: one with the mommies in the morning and four after school with the Hope House children. After overcoming many obstacles such as having to communicate in Spanish to translate my thoughts into Creole, finding a classroom and attempting to use a broken copier, I was finally ready for my classes. Although all of the setbacks were frustrating and time-consuming, the joy that the children and mommies showed on their faces was completely worth all of the preparation. Something as simple as teaching the little kids how to say "what is your name?, My name is..." sent them into a frenzy of giggles and dancing.

Classes with the mommies are truly inspiring. Even after our hour-filled class, they are still begging me to review so that class can last a little longer. During class, they hang on every word, writing it all down and repeating each sentence that is said. Something so simple as school that we oftentimes take for granted and almost dread is such a treat to them. Although planning for each class can take a substantial amount of time (due to the fact that I don't have resources a normal "school" would have), everything is put into perspective when the little kids can finally sing their ABCs and months of the year perfectly and the older ones are reciting Mark 12:30 in English by heart.

Friday was one of my most interesting days thusfar. In the morning, I attended my first Haitian wedding of my friend Joseph Volcy. Apparently I was not prepared for what was to come as the ceremony was filled with the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, Celine Dion songs on repeat, bridesmaids dancing down the aisle and flower girls throwing Starbursts at the wedding guests.

Flower girls at Volcy's wedding

After the wedding, it was time for my English classes with the kids. Instead of having regular class, we met in the church and had our first practice as a bell choir. Thanks to a nurse from Austin, I was able to start this with the kids and they absolutely adored it. Hopefully we will be playing in church sometime before I leave so that will definitely be something for the kids to look forward to!! Later that night it was my first movie night in charge. Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel was the kids' choice and it was absolutely incredibly to watch both the children and mommies alike fall out of their seats laughing and have Emmanuela fall asleep on my lap. :-)

Iverson and Esther excited for movie night

On a side note, thank you all again and again for the wonderful teaching supplies! They just arrived today with the new team from Austin and the kids will be absolutely FLOORED to see all of the new supplies. As always, please continue to pray! It is such a wittness to me to hear that people back home are continuously remembering to pray for this mission. Thank you all for your support.


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  1. hey beth, i really love your blog. it was so great meeting you and i'll be praying for your time left in haiti. i know you are surely a light to the kids and people there. have fun at nyu!- marian